Which country do you ship to?

We ship to all countries around the world. For our shipping policy please visit here.


Which payment method do you accept?

We accept the following payment method.

Credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express)
Apple Pay
Google pay
Shop Pay
AliPay (AliPay HK)
Touch 'n Go
Kakao Pay

About our watches

Can I charge the Solution-01 at home?

The solar unit can be charged by any light source, whether it is a fluorescent lamp, led light or sun light.

How long should I charge the solar watch Solution-01?

We have included a solar charging guide below.

In general, it takes 1 minute to charge for 1 day of power under sunny weather! For cloudy outdoor weather it takes 5 mins to charge for 1 day.Putting it under an indoor environment like an office for 1 hour will ensure enough power to run for a day. Excess power stores in the solar cell so wearing it daily would ensure a steady charge and operation.

How long can the Solution-01 run after one full charge?

Once the solar unit is fully charged it runs for 6 months without charging!